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Concreting and Steelfixing


TFW is well established and experienced in formwork, reinforcement and concreting contractors. Were happy to undertake all from traditional timber from work (the form work is built on site out of timber/moisture resistant particle board) engineered formwork systems (this formwork is built out of pre-fabricated material with a metal frame) ,re-usable plastic from work, (these interlocking & modular systems are used to build widely variable but relatively simple concrete solutions, suited for mass housing schemes) permanent insulated formwork (this formwork is assembled on site out of ICF'S) and stay-in-place structural formwork. (Is assembled on site out of prefab fibres.They prevent against environmental effects such as corrosion and freeze thaw cycles. We work on a full labour, plant, and material basis as well as labour and temporary materials only, if required. We have a full fleet of vehicles together with our own plant & tools which allows flexibility to tackle all formwork contracts.

Steel Fixing


Tyrone Form Work we are fully qualified steel fixers with a proven ability to install reinforcement bars & concrete, accurately to drawing specifications, install steel above ground, below ground, pre-fabrication, and safe handling of materials on site. We have over 20 years of experience and we are CSR and C2 registered. Our steel fixing foremen are able to work with our clients to plan ahead thus ensuring target dates are achieved. Tyrone Form Work is also highly competent to undertake the most complex of structures, making maximum use of any possible opportunities that might exist to prefabricated reinforcement. We are able to supply steel fixers on either a competitive hourly rate or on a fixed price basis.


TFW carries out a variety of concreting, large floors, slabs, columns, with all types of finishes for placed concrete are tamp, TFW are specialist reinforced concrete subcontractors working within civil engineering private contracting that have become multi disciplined contractors specialising in concrete frame construction with the ability to undertake all types of contracts presented to us across the broad spectrum of construction.TFW have become renowned for the concreting work which we have carried out as concreting is a very complex process and so requires the skills of a professional team to carry out this specialised work. Our operatives have a wealth of experience to call upon and we do offer a top quality concreting service and supply a committed team to place concrete to the highest specifications.